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Dr. Doug Wilson

Dean, Office for Global Engagement
Dean, School of Christian Studies

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Bachelor of Arts in Biblical & Theological Studies

A Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree in Biblical & Theological Studies will provide a rigorous academic program based on bold commitment to the trustworthiness of the Bible that aims to produce first-rate scholars. We offer concentrations for students preparing for Academic Ministry, Church Ministry, and Community Ministry.

Course CodeCourse NameCredit Hours
CST 011Ministry Team Service0
CST 199Spiritual Disciplines3
CST 201Introduction to the Old Testament3
CST 202Introduction to the New Testament3
CST 299Turabian Research Seminar1
CST 301History of Christian Thought3
CST 322Ministry Foundations3
CST 331Christian Theology3
CST 399Ministry Leadership3
CST 405Ministry Internship3
CST 409Global Disciple-Making3
CST 425International Service Project3
CST 499Senior Capstone Course1